My First Blog! Who the heck is Chuck?

Hey there interweb guitar geeks!! This is my first foray into writing a blog so bear with me as I stumble through this process.   For my inaugural blog, I figured I talk about something important – ME!

I’m 32 years old and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7.  If I understand math correctly, that indicates that I’ve played guitar for about 25 rotations around the sun so far.  In that time, I’ve had MANY cheap guitars, a few nice guitars, MANY cheap amps, a few nice amps, MANY MANY MANY cheap pedals, and just a few nice pedals.  In fact, I consider it a challenge to use the cheapest rig possible at gigs while still achieving good tone.  I’m also not afraid of new technology and try my best to embrace it.  Heck, even just amplifying the guitar at one time was a novel, scary, new technology.

As far as my standing in the current hierarchy of guitar professionalism, I’m on the lower end of weekend warrior.  I have a “real” full-time job in order to fund my guitar gear obsession (I guess pay the mortgage too…).  But I do my best to get out and gig at local bars in my cover band Don’t Call Me Shirley around the Southern Maryland area at least a couple times a month.  I approach guitar and the band with a total DIY ethic.  I do all my own guitar setups and repairs, I own the PA and we run our own sound at shows, I book the shows, I promote the shows, etc., etc.  I really just have the band as an excuse to wank around on the guitar in front of people and make a little extra spending cash.

My main goal with this blog is try to share the tidbits of knowledge I’ve gained over the years of pluckin’ geetar strings.  Not so much actual technique and theory, but more on the gear side of guitar playing.   I spend all my spare time researching, looking at new gear announcements, drooling over said new gear announcements, then figuring out what old gear I can sell to buy the new gear.  I’ve had some hard lessons learned, had some complete tonal failures, but I’ve also had some tonal triumphs that made it difficult to put a guitar down.  I’ll do some gear reviews, and since no one is paying me for them (yet…), I’ll give my honest opinions on the pros and cons.  In summation, I really just want this blog to be a celebration of all that is guitar, but from a frugal, DIY approach.


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