New Gear That Excites Me: Supro Blues King 8


Supro announced the Blues King 8 on Youtube and their various social medias this morning.  Honestly, just two chords into the promo video above and I was smitten.  (They aren’t paying me to say this, in fact I will have to pony up some dough to get one).

Street Price: $299

I’ll get the specs out of the way, from Supro’s Website:

  •  1-watt 1×8” tube combo

  • Footswitchable boost

  • 1/4″ line out

  • Class-A tube power amp

  • Custom Supro BK8 speaker

  • 1x 12AX7 preamp tube

  • 1x 12AU7 power tube

  • Footswitch and Cable also available

Honestly, I’ve had 1 watt amps before (Blackstar HT-1 and Blackheart Killer Ant), and they were cool, but never blew me away.  Don’t let 1 watt of tube power fool you, it can still wake up other people in the house.  Maybe not the neighbors, but at least your spouse.  When you have a 1 watt amp, its because you want distortion to come from the tubes.  So you’re gonna crank it.

The controls on this amp include a preamp volume, boost switch, tone knob, and master volume.  The feature I like the most, though, is a line out.  This is essentially a preamp out, as it’s before the master volume.  Combine this line out with it’s size and pre-master volume position, you could use this as a tube-driven distortion “pedal,” I guess with a complicated four cable method if you want to use it live.

The way I would probably use it would be as essentially a preamp.  For live, I would run the line out to the effects return of maybe a Peavey Bandit or something.  The boost is footswitchable, so you can have a preamp with the lead boost with just a single button footswitch.  For recording, I would run it into the Mooer Radar with the Master Volume all the way down for silent recording.

In the promo video above, though, it just sounds amazing and massive on it’s own.  I’m not sure how they recorded it since you don’t see a mic on the amp in the video, but boy-oh-boy that sounded great.  The more I hear Supro amps, the more I realize that’s the sound I’ve been after all this time.  At just $299, this may be the amp that gets my foot in the Supro door.

It’s really not a bad price point for what it is either, it’s the same price as the current Blackstar HT-1R Combo.  I know it’s dangerous just to compare youtube videos, but just in the videos, the Supro floats my boat drastically more.  It just has some mojo.


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