Random Facebook Solos, Feb 2019 Edition

I like to post random noodling guitar solo videos on my social media platforms.  Be sure to go give me a follow on Facebook! Cheers, Chuck Support This Blog Each Time You Shop On Amazon.com Or eBay!  Doesn't cost you an extra penny! Just click on these pictures below!


Tone Tip: Low To No Volume Practice

As I've gotten older, it seems like my guitar playing needs to be quieter and quieter.  As a teenager, I'm surprised my parents even tolerated the volumes I would play at all the time.  When my wife and I moved into our first house, we had very close neighbors.  So that was the first detriment... Continue Reading →

My Obsession With Partscasters

Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn.  I’m not just name dropping, they’re all guitarists that have something in common: their most iconic guitars were partscasters.   They did all this in the days before Warmoth, eBay, and Reverb.com.  When you would have to cannibalize guitars to get a neck you want with... Continue Reading →

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