Contrarian Guitarist: Digital Modeling Isn’t Bad, Your Expectation Of It Is.

For those of you that didn't automatically throw your digital reading device across the room or unsubscribe, allow me to explain. Like it or not, digital modeling has been around for a few decades, it's improving, and it's not going anywhere.  Us guitarists for some reason tend to be a cantankerous, stubborn, and contrarian bunch... Continue Reading →


Tone Tip: Low To No Volume Practice

As I've gotten older, it seems like my guitar playing needs to be quieter and quieter.  As a teenager, I'm surprised my parents even tolerated the volumes I would play at all the time.  When my wife and I moved into our first house, we had very close neighbors.  So that was the first detriment... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Christmas Music

It's that magical time of the year! A time where you hear the same songs over and over and over again through department store intercoms and office parties. But, throughout the years, there have been some obscure gems that get me in the Christmas spirit. Here are some of my favorites. The Kinks - Father... Continue Reading →

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