Gear Review: Firefly FF338 Guitar

They’re in stock again! Red: Blue Burst: SOLD OUT Black: Sunburst: Street Price: $139.91 Hey folks!  Here is a follow up to my Firefly FF338 First Impressions post a few weeks ago.  I'll call this a thorough review now that I've spent some time with this guitar.  I'll just cut straight to the chase:... Continue Reading →


The Dark Side Of Counterfeit Guitars

If you buy counterfeit guitars, you are supporting modern day slavery.   Now that I have your attention.  With all of the hullabaloo surrounding Gibson's video threatening to sue "counterfeiters" and urging customers to #playauthentic, I think a major travesty is getting swept under the rug.  Sure, I've had a blast poking fun at Gibson for... Continue Reading →

Firefly FF338 First Impressions

edit: they're actually in stock right now!!  I'll do my best to keep these links up to date as they go out of stock or if more come in stock.  Red: Blue Burst: SOLD OUT Black: Sunburst:     Ok, now that I've got that out of the way. I finally decided... Continue Reading →

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